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Telemedicine Society of India (TSI) is a non-profit society with an objective to make Tele-Health the New Normal for affordable access to best-in-class universal healthcare in a connected and comprehensive healthcare ecosystem linking even the most remote rural populations to District, State, National and International Centres of Healthcare Excellence.

The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India on 14th of May 2020 notified the 'Telemedicine Practice Guidelines' for use by Doctors in India and makes all registered medical practitioners intending to provide online consultation to be familiar with these guidelines as well as with the process and limitations of telemedicine practice. It also requires RMP's to complete a mandatory online course within 3 years of the notification (Refer TPG 1.3.3).

TSI has been training registered medical practitioners about 'Telemedicine Practice Guidelines' and plans to run multiple courses to empower clinicians to help with telemedicine consultation.

Available courses

Course 1: Telemedicine Practice Guidelines Course for Doctors

Course 2. Diabetes and Telemedicine Practice - Duration 4 hours

The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India on 14th of May 2020 notified the 'Telemedicine Practice Guidelines' for use by Doctors in India. It is important that all practitioners be familiar with these guidelines as teleconsultations have seen a huge growth after the COVID 19 Pandemic.

Telemedicine Society of India (TSI) has trained over 3500 doctors through online courses with excellent feedback. MedIndia is helping TSI to deliver these online course.

If you wish to undertake the course please register and make a payment for it. Once you register your login and password will be issued along with an e-book about theTelemedicine Practice Guidelines. This contains the Ministry guidelines along with a set FAQ's.

We recommend that you should go through the Telemedicine Practice Guidelines and the FAQ's before you watch the course video lectures.

There are also optional course videos available for you and these will help you not only enhance your knowledge but also improve your communication skills for teleconsultations.

The course will include one interaction with the faculty for an hour once a month on an announced date and time during the weekend (Saturday or Sunday). This is to help you clear all your doubts about telemedicine guidelines with the experts in the field.

Target audience: Medical Doctor registered and based in India.

Webinar Delivery: Via Online Platform :

Telemedicine Practice Guidelines Course - Structure and Format

Pre-assessment - 20 mins - Compulsory

Module I. Introductory Primer for Telemedicine

1. Brief History of Telemedicine - ppt / Video (Highly Recommended) - 20 mins

2. Definitions of Terminology in Telemedicine - (Compulsory reading) - 20 mins

3. Acronyms Used in the course material - (Compulsory reading) 10 mins

4. Telemedicine Practice Guidelines Course

Video Modules

Lecture 1: Telemedicine Practice Guidelines by GOI - (Compulsory) - 30 mins

Lecture 2: Basic Understanding of Tele-Triage - (Compulsory) - 30 mins

Module II. Legal & Ethical Aspects of Telemedicine

1. Telemedicine Practice Guidelines - Ministry of Health - Compulsory reading - 60 mins

Video Modules

2. Lecture 3: Ethical Code of Conduct INDIAN MEDICAL COUNCIL (Highly Recommended) - 30 mins

3. Lecture 4: Medico-legal Aspects of the Guidelines - Compulsory

Module III. Setting up a Telemedicine Practice

1. Frequently Asked Questions in setting up tele-consultations - A Primer in the form of Q & A - (Highly Recommended) - 60 mins

Video Module

2. Lecture 4: Telemedicine - Triggers, Etiquettes & Tips - Highly Recommended - 20 mins

3. Lecture 5: How to set up a Telehealth Consultation - Compulsory - Compulsory - 20 mins

Module IV. Optional Reading

1. FAQ's of BoG from MCI - Highly Recommended - 20 mins

2. IT act - Optional

3. Data Privacy Act - Europe / India - Draft act

4. Indian Penal Code as applying to doctors

Ask a Question - Optional

Live Interaction with Faculty on the Web for Q & A - (Highly Recommended) - 90 mins

Feedback - Compulsory

Attendance Certificate

Post course Assessment - compulsory (40 mins)

Proficiency Certificate

Duration: The course would take about 8 hours to finish and you can do it at your own pace.

Once you finish a section do check the box on the right hand side.

The reading material will require 4 to 6 hours of your time and will provide all the essential information for safe practice of telemedicine.

The login and password will be available to you for a period of one year from date of registration and payment and there are no limits to your viewing the course.

Assessment: There are pre-course and post course assessments. Each question can be attempted only once.

Certification of Completion: After completion of the course, including faculty interaction you may take the assessment, after which depending on the performance the certificate of competence will be issued.

Courses Coming Soon

Course 3. Cardiology and Telemedicine Practice - Duration 4 hours(coming soon)

Course 4. Paediatrics and Telemedicine Practice - Duration 4 hours (coming soon)

Course 5. OG and Telemedicine Practice - Duration 4 hours (coming soon)

Course 6. Ophthalmology and Telemedicine Practice - Duration 4 hours (coming soon)

Course 7. Urology and Telemedicine Practice - Duration 4 hours(coming soon)

Course 8. Telemedicine Practice Course for Ayush Practitioners (coming soon)

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