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Training for Doctors and For SAARC Countries

TSI has successfully trained large number of corporate hospital staff on request including the Army Medical Corps. We welcome you to write to us directly if you wish to undertake such training for your doctors

Dr.Sunil Shroff,

Co- Chair
Training for Telemedicine for TSI
President Tamil Nadu TSI
Email: [email protected]

Registration Form for the Telemedicine Practice Guidelines Course

Feedback from the session for the Armed Forces

The Webinar was conducted in detail regarding telemedicine. It gave a holistic view on tele med which was educative specially keeping in mind the recent challenges being faced. It gave immense clarity with respect to conduct of telemedicine and also its legal implications.

Feedback from the participants

Excellent presentations with greater clarity and quality of the training content and the speakers, moderators and the panel members are very much successful in conducting the sessions and reached the expectations of the participants. And the platform support is also excellent.

Dr Venkata Raman E

Need of the hour. Benefitted immensly from collective knowledge of experts in the field.

Dr Chiranjit Noatia

Presentations: Contents - useful and practical. Easy to implement Quality of Presentations: Excellent Quality of Audio-Visuals: very good Communication and connectivity: Good

Joseph Noah

Very informative. Conducted in a very nice mannner. Will be very helpful. Thank you.

Dr. Satya Shiva Munjal

Telemedicine Courses held by TSI

S. No. Date Paid /Unpaid
1 4th April, 2020Unpaid
2 4th April, 2020 Unpaid
3 5th April, 2020 Unpaid
4 5th April, 2020 Unpaid
5 8th April, 2020 Unpaid
6 8th April, 2020 Unpaid
7 11th April, 2020 Unpaid
8 11th April, 2020 Unpaid
9 12th April, 2020 Unpaid
10 12th April, 2020 Unpaid
10 15th April, 2020 Unpaid
12 18th April, 2020 Unpaid
13 18th April, 2020 Unpaid
14 19th April, 2020 Unpaid
1519th April, 2020 Unpaid
16 25th April, 2020 Unpaid
17 26th April, 2020 Unpaid
18 26th April, 2020 Unpaid
19 27th April, 2020 Unpaid
20 28th April, 2020 Unpaid
21 9th May, 2020 Paid
22 10th May, 2020 Paid
23 17th May, 2020 Paid (hybrid)
24 24th May, 2020 Paid
2531 May 2020 Paid
2606 June 2020 Free
2707 June 2020 Paid
2813 June 2020 Free
2914 June 2020 Paid
3012 July 2020 Paid
3129 August 2020 Free
3213 September 2020 Paid

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